3 Tips to Ace an Investment Banking Interview

It is never easy to start a career in investment banking. It’s never a sure thing to get accepted for a job in your preferred company. There maybe other companies out there but not all of them might offer great benefits. Or maybe you’d just like to work at this particular company.

So in order to improve your odds of getting a job at your preferred company, it is best to make a good first impression in your interview or you will most likely not get accepted. It sounds harsh but look at it from the company’s point of view. There are at least 50 other candidates applying for the same position. So to make sure that you ace your investment banking interview, here are some tips you must keep in mind:

Be Prepared: The first thing that must be done before applying for a company is to research them. Know what they do, their background, company goals and any other helpful info that will be a great help in the interview. When they find out you didn’t do any prior research, they won’t hesitate to throw you out of the building. They will easily get turned off by that instance. Another thing you must know is the answers to all the usual interview questions. Those questions include “Why should we hire you?”, “Why our company?”, and “Tell me about yourself.” All those questions may sound easy but they’re not as easy when it is the interviewer asking those things. Of course, try not making it sound like you’re reading from a script. The most important thing you must do is to dress up nicely.

Also, make sure you don’t come in casual attire. Strict business attire is where it’s at. You’re in the finance sector, so business attire is required to be taken seriously.

Stay Confident: Never appear to be anxious at any point during the interview. That is an immediate sign that will tell the interviewer you were not prepared for the interview. If you practiced before the interview, you probably won’t be very nervous or anxious. Besides, there is no reason to not stay confident throughout the interview. The person interviewing you may know less as he or she may just have a higher position. It is no secret the person has been with the company for a long time but that doesn’t mean the person is more talented. Whatever you do, don’t lie though as they will eventually find out if you’re lying. They’ll conclude that if you lie now then you’ll definitely lie again when you get hired in their company.

Smile: A lot of applicants forget to smile as they get pressured a lot when the interview starts. Thus, don’t make the same mistake they did. Believe it or not, smiling would go a long way in getting you hired for the investment banking job. Smiling lightens up the mood and if the interviewer is not smiling yet, expect the person to smile too if you are smiling.

After finding out how you can ace your investment banking interview, you should feel confident because now you know exactly what to do. You must still hope for the best and pray that everything works out in your favor. Besides, they will still talk among themselves who they think is the most qualified among all the people they interviewed. That is the reason why we created this post. So you can put forth your best foot and let them decide who they want to hire.

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